• Axcellerator
    Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
    Director: David Giancola
    Cast: Sam J. Jones, Sean Young, Laura James, Ryan Wesen, John James
    When a car thief stumbles onto a teleportation device and the girl of his dreams, the invention of the century takes them on an adventure of a lifetime.
  • Narco Solders
    Genre: Action
    Director: Felix Limardo
    Cast:  Rafael Amaya, Carolina Guerra, Octavio Pizano, Ricardo Chavira, Roger Cross, Cody Kasch, J. Eddie Martinez, Ivo Canelas
    Narco Soldiers is a timely, action-packed crime thriller that explores the resurgence of the Caribbean drug routes and one couple's violent, Bonnie and Clyde-style rise to power.
  • 30 And Single
    Genre: Romantic Comedy
    Director:  Cat Rhinehart
    Cast: Arturo Castro, Aya Cash, Josh Brener, Mindy Sterling, Brian Doyle-Murray
    Former high school friends run into each other years later and drunkenly decide to make good on their promise to marry each other if they're both still single by 30 - Only to discover too late all the things they liked about each other when they were younger have changed
  • Relish
    Genre: Adventure, Drama
    Director: Justin Ward
    Cast: Hana Hayes, Mateus Ward, Rio Mangini, Chelsea Zhang , James Morrison, Angel Parker, Tyler DiChiara
    Touted as a modern day “Breakfast Club” with and edge, five teenage outcasts, led by a rebellious transgender male, escape a private treatment facility. The group embarks on a wild, life-changing road trip – ultimately discovering they have a lot more in common than they ever imagined.
  • Grace
    Genre: Romantic Comedy
    Director: Devin Adair
    Cast: Tate Donovan, Katie Cassidy, Matthew Lillard , Debby Ryan , Mircea Monroe
    GRACE is a quirky drama in the vein of "LADYBIRD" meets "GOOD WILL HUNTING". A young woman is hired as the housekeeper to a very accomplished but recluse writer who is spiraling out of control. Frustrated by her life of hardship, she is outraged by his ungrateful behavior and privilege. Their highly charged debates lead to a future neither of them could predict.
  • Snowbound
    Genre: Thriller, Horror
    Director: Olia Oparina
    Cast: Anya Bay, Drew Hale, Theodore Bouloukos, Laura Aleman, Cerris Morgan-Moyer
    A group of sex party attendees wake up naked in the snow. In the nearby cabin they find a dead girl and a message: In order to survive, they must decide who is responsible for the girl's death and murder that person accordingly.
  • Abducted
    Genre: Thriller, Action
    Director: Prince Bagdasarian
    Cast:  Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Urie, Najarra Townsend, Daniel Joseph
    After his young daughter is kidnapped, a war hero takes matters into his own hands while detectives unravel the mystery surrounding the unusual crime.

MIPCOM 2019 - October 14 - 17

Stand: IFTA Stand  P-1. F-5/ Table 12

Executives Attending: Scott Jones- President, Jay Joyce – Vice President, Worldwide Sales

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