Creep Van
Director: Scott W. Mckinlay
Producer: Jim Bartoo, Michael Walker, Scott W. Mckinlay
Writer: Jim Bartoo, Scott W. Mckinlay
Cast: Amy Wehrell, Angelina Armani, Brian Kolodziej, Collin Bersen, Gerald Emerick
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: Forced to take a dead-end job at a local car wash, Campbell sees a dilapidated 1970s van for sale. Little does he know it is the Creep Van, which is busy terrorizing the people of Michigan, creatively dispatching victims with a host of elaborately constructed booby traps inside its rusted walls. The Creep and his Van have no qualms about running folks over or smashing through the occasional house. Campbell finds himself forced to team up with a sleazy conman named Swami Ted to hunt down and stop the Creep and his Van before it is too late.